Let’s face it, we all want a beautiful, clean and tidy home – but finding the time to make your property sparkle can be more difficult than it seems. Even if you consider yourself to be something of a talent when it comes to tidying, the chances are everything from work responsibilities, to family concerns will leave you nothing but minutes to get your home in order.

The good news is that if you’re struggling to transform your home in a hurry, time-saving cleaning tips could be the answer. These simple and effective tricks come straight from the cleaning professionals in our team, and they’re intended to help you get the most out of those spare moments, hours, and weekends in your calendar.

1.    Start with the Simple Stuff

When it comes to time-saving cleaning tips, sometimes, the best thing you can do when you’re in a hurry, is prioritize your needs. Although a lot of people assume that it’s best to start on the big projects and work your way down to smaller concerns, the truth is that tackling little issues can help to give you the motivational boost you need to manage larger cleanings tasks. That’s why the first item on our list of professional cleaning tips is this: “start small”.

If you want to clean your entire kitchen, start by wiping down the counters and getting rid of any extra grime around the sink. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be motivated to mop the floors, and maybe even clean out any over-looked cupboards.

2.    Form an Attachment to Your Squeegee

If you want to save time cleaning, then you should probably learn how to tidy your house on the go. No-one likes cleaning the shower and tub, and the easiest way to make sure that you don’t have to keep coming back to that tiresome task is to buy a squeegee and get everyone in your home to use it after they’ve had a bath or shower.

It might seem like more work, but it’s one of the professional cleaning tips that our experts use most often at home. Simply wipe the walls down from top to bottom, and the sides of the tub, and you’ll get rid of that aggravating shampoo and soap residue that leaves stains on your stonework for weeks to come.

3.    Make the Most of your Dishwasher

Sometimes, the best time-saving cleaning tips are the ones that encourage you to make the most of what you already have. Your dishwasher isn’t just for your dishes. If you’re concerned that small and dishwasher friendly items around your home are starting to look grimy, then you can run them through the dishwasher too.

Save time cleaning by throwing your soap trap, toothbrush holder, and any non-breakable vases into the dishwasher with your next load of glasses. This could help you to get a handle on your home with much less effort. Our fellow Canadian cleaning friends over at even have tips for cleaning your dishwasher!

4.    Follow the Top to Bottom Rule

It may not be the most original of time-saving cleaning tips, but it’s still one of the best. When you’re struggling to clean up your home and you want to make a difference fast, start by shaking crumbs, pet hair and dust onto the floor. You can knock extra debris out of your curtains, wipe dust onto the floor from lampshades and bookshelves, and gradually work your way down.

We know it feels like you’re just moving the mess around, but you’ll vacuum up later, and it can be much easier to save time cleaning when you don’t have to worry about where the mess is going.

5.    Don’t Obsess Over Seldom-Used Rooms

Finally, if you’re a self-defined clean freak, then it might be tempting to tidy every room in your home whenever you get a chance. However, the truth is that you can often avoid seldom-used rooms when you’re not going to be going in them over the next week or so. This doesn’t mean ignoring entire parts of your house for years at a time, but when you’re in a hurry, prioritize the rooms that you use most.

Use our time-saving cleaning tips on the spaces that get the most foot traffic, like your kitchen, dining room, living room, and even your bedroom if it’s starting to look a little messy. Plus, keep in mind that there’s always professional help just a phone call away if the work starts to pile up too much.

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