Cottage Cleaning Service in Oshawa & Toronto, ON

Let Us Take Care of Your Home Away From Home

When you’re arriving at your cottage from out of town and looking to kick back, you don’t want to be tending to the hassle of preparation and clean up — you want to focus on the ease and comfort of an enjoyable stay.

NeatBee Home Services offers a team of skilled and trustworthy professionals who are on hand to take care of your cottage cleaning needs before, during, or after vacation. WE handle all things cleaning, you free up your time and energy.

We come in and give you a complete, non-invasive service that truly makes your space a home away from home. A place you’ll love spending time while inviting visitors to enjoy it alongside you. You get to focus your attention on more pressing concerns — like enjoying your getaway!

Or perhaps you or a family member are enjoying the peace of retirement. Cleaning in those nooks and crannies may not be as easy as it used to be — and frankly, you’ve done enough of it over the course of your life. Let us help! We understand, you’ve paid your dues and want to enjoy your time with friends, family, and hobbies.

Need an Airbnb turnover service? We’ve got you covered. Let us assist and show you what a superb cottage turnover service can look like.