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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find the best cleaning company?

By asking the right questions. Get answers now below.

If you have more questions reach out to our friendly team!

What is the cost of your cleaning service?

Our prices depend on your unique cleaning needs and desire to hire the best cleaning company. Various factors such as the number of rooms in your home, the number of residents and pets, the size of your home and the level of cleaning required will all be considered before a price is decided upon. Rest assured you are getting the best cleaning company when you hire our service.

But, we will always give you a price quote BEFORE we begin work. What we quote before cleaning is what you pay after cleaning. We hate price surprises as much as you do! Please understand we strive to be the best cleaning company.

Will every cleaning visit cost the same?

In our experience, the cost of a first-visit cleaning is generally higher than costs for subsequent cleaning visits. This is usually the case as it takes us longer to thoroughly and deeply clean your property, to bring it up to a standard that we can proudly sign off on.

If you sign us on for periodic maintenance cleaning visits like most of our clients do, the intensive first cleaning will make maintenance cleaning visits easier and less time-consuming, and therefore less expensive than the first visit.

In any case, all costs will be discussed in an upfront manner, before any cleaning begins.

How do I make payment for your cleaning services?

NeatBee Home Services requires a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) to secure all cleaning appointments. Payment for services rendered is due upon completion of the visit and can be charged to the card-on-file, made by electronic money transfer or paid by cheque.

Customer Tip! Accelerate your credit-card point earning potential by charging your recurring cleaning appointments to your credit card automatically!

Will I have to be home when you come for cleaning?

You can be home or not be home when we come to clean! The choice is yours. If you are not going to be home, please make arrangements to leave us a key, alarm code (if applicable) or a garage door code to give our staff access to your property.

​However, if you fail to arrange access to our staff by not giving a key or alarm code for a cleaning that you scheduled at a particular time when you won’t be home, you will be charged a lock-out fee that will equal 50% of your regular cleaning fee.

Can I trust your cleaning company with the key to my property?

At NeatBee Home Services Inc., we truly understand your concerns for your personal safety and safety of your property. When you give us your key, we mark it with an internal identification number. At no point will your address or your name be physically tagged to the key you provide. Your key will always be stored in a safe accessible only to our management team.

Authorized managers will hand out your key to your assigned supervisor, only on the day you have scheduled your cleaning. Once the cleaning has been completed, the supervisor will return the key to our management staff who will promptly lock it in our key safe, until the time your next cleaning visit is due!

What do I do if I have an alarm system?

Many of our clients have an alarm system at their property. You have the option of either giving us your alarm codes or disabling your alarm on the day of the cleaning. We recommend that you give us the alarm codes as you can always reset your codes after the cleaning!

However, please understand that failing to provide alarm codes or providing inaccurate alarm codes will mean that we will have to charge you a lock-out fee equal to 50% of your regular cleaning fee, as our staff won’t be able to access your property.

Will your cleaning staff arrive at an exact time?

While we certainly provide a 100% guarantee on the date on which we will clean your property, we cannot commit to an exact arrival time. The cleaning business is such that an exact time schedule is hard to stick to, as some cleaning jobs finish sooner while others take longer than initially planned.

Will the same people clean my property every time?

We do our very best to always send you the same three cleaning specialists who cleaned your property during the first visit. We understand how sending people who are familiar with you and your property is very beneficial to you. That said, there may be occasions when this might not always be possible.

What should I do if I want to cancel or reschedule the cleaning?

We understand that clients sometimes need to cancel or postpone a cleaning visit. If you provide us with at least 24 business hours’ notice before canceling or rescheduling, we will be happy to accommodate your request without any additional charge.

If you are canceling or rescheduling at short notice, we might have to charge you a late cancellation fee equal to 50% of your scheduled cleaning fee, or forfeiture of your one-time cleaning deposit that you paid us, when you signed up for our service.

Will I have to provide any cleaning supplies?

No! Leave it to our trained staff to use the best cleaning products and supplies to clean your home. You won’t have to provide us with any supplies.

If there are special cleaning products that you would like our staff to use, please inform us beforehand so we can check compliance with healthy and safety standards, to protect the wellbeing of our staff.

Do I need to do anything before your cleaning staff arrives?

To allow our staff make the very best use of their time to clean, we request our clients to take a few minutes to put away items such as toys, clothing and personal items.

We also recommend that our clients put away items such as valuables, heirlooms, curios and other delicate items to reduce the risk of breakage.

What if I have special requests?

We will be happy to accommodate your special cleaning requests. But, please inform us of these requests 24 hours before your cleaning appointment, so we can work in the additional time it will take our staff to carry out said special requests.

What do I do if I find something broken after a cleaning?

We train our staff to care for your belongings as they care for their own. But, if there is a rare accident that causes breakage or damage to any of your personal items, NeatBee Home Services Inc. takes full responsibility for said damage.

We will replace or reimburse you for the damaged item.

​That said, we sincerely request clients to put away items such as curios, heirlooms, valuables, and delicate items to greatly reduce the risk of breakage or damage. We also recommend that you inform us of delicate items in the house if you can’t put such items away before a cleaning service. Our staff will exercise extra caution around such items.

Is NeatBee Home Services Inc. insured?

Yes, we are! Every one of our employees is insured and bonded and our company is covered by a $5,000,000 general liability insurance policy.

We do not sub-contract and all of our cleaning staff are direct employees with our company. All our employees are protected by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). This coverage protects both you, our clients, and our employees, from damages arising out of an injury caused at your property.

Customer Tip! If you choose not to use our cleaning services, we highly recommend that you only choose a company that offers WSIB coverage, like we do. Otherwise, you will be directly responsible if the cleaning personnel is not able to return to work, because of an injury sustained while cleaning your property.

What should I do if I am not happy with the quality of cleaning?

NeatBee Home Services Inc. takes immense pride in providing 100% customer satisfaction. If our cleaning, for whatever reason, doesn’t satisfy you, please inform our office within 24 hours of your cleaning. We will re-visit to address ALL shortcomings, at no additional charge.

Is it okay to tip the cleaning staff?

While we don’t expect or require you to extend gratuity in the form of a tip, it will be greatly appreciated if you do decide to tip. If you are tipping, we recommend that you please tip in cash, so the visiting cleaning staff can divvy up the tip amongst themselves.

Are your employees trustworthy?

All of our employees are subject to thorough criminal background checks. Once screened and employed, they are extensively trained and vetted, after being insured and bonded as well. We also take extra measures to keep our staff content by offering industry-leading compensation packages.

By hiring only the best, we send you only the best!

Is it okay to leave my pet at home during the cleaning?

Our staff can definitely clean your home while your pet is at the property. But, if your pet has an aggressive or unpredictable nature, we request you to relocate or restrain your pet at time of cleaning, for the sake of safety and comfort of our cleaning staff.