The air gets colder and the nights get shorter. Who’s ready for hoodies & scarves, bonfires, crisp nights, hot chocolate and all the beautiful fall colours. With fall around the corner, it’s time to think about cleaning up your home and getting it “fall ready”. Time to cover up the BBQ, put away all the summer toys, & bring in the patio cushions. The countdown to fall is on!

Here are some tips to help with the seasonal transition

Pantry Purge- Fall is the best time for baking! Pumpkin pie, apple crisp, cookies & more. The best way to prepare yourself for all the fun fall baking you will do is to clean out the pantry. Take everything out of the pantry & get rid of whatever is expired or not needed. Clean all shelves with a washcloth or sponge, don’t forget about any racks or drawers! Wipe off all containers that may have accumulated dust or grease with a dishcloth. Last but not least, organize the pantry as you put everything back.

Get Organized- Since the weather is getting cooler, it is time to get out all the cozy warm blankets, sweaters, & leggings. We all know that fall clothing and accessories can take up a lot of room in our closet. You can save a lot of space by putting all of your summer gear in a storage container or vacuum-sealed bag. I recommend using vacuum-sealed bags because they can easily be stored under the bed or on the top shelf of the closet.

Clean Linen- The best feeling in the world is to jump into your bed with all new fresh, clean, cozy bedding on a chilly night. Strip your bed and wash the mattress pad, pillows, duvet, blankets, and comforter. Store all the summer linens away in vacuum sealed bags & place fall and winter bedding in an easily accessible location so it’s ready when nights turn colder.

Foyer Fun- With colder weather comes lots of outerwear. Organize your front entrance and make space for your coats, mittens, hats, boots, and umbrellas now before you start using them. That way, you’ll avoid having a mess of clothing and shoes right inside your door once cold weather hits.

Fall is always a beautiful time of year, the weather gets colder and people get closer. Enjoy your evenings staying warm with your loved ones & leave the cleaning to professionals. Call us today for a quote!

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