Everybody would love to come home to a clean house and now you can! Opting into a cleaning service maintains a standard of clean in your home. Here are some quick tasks that can be done everyday and make the world of difference when you want that fresh feeling to last.

Make your Bed

You start your day in your room, why not take the extra 3 minutes to fluff the pillows and reset the duvet. It makes the room look fresh and draws the focus of the room. Plus, who doesn’t love getting into a freshly made bed after a long day!

Declutter your counters

The kitchen counter is meant for a morning coffee, messy meal prep, and a quick place to drop the mail when coming home. However, when it comes to the kitchen, less is more. Keep the basics: the toaster, the coffee machine and the spice rack .  Leaving your counters free of clutter and everyday items allows for a quick and easy clean up after meals and makes the space look organized.


Everybody has had a daunting pile of laundry accumulate in their home. Avoid this by throwing in one load every night. Peak hours end at 7pm, after dinner put the laundry in the washer and go about your nightly routine. After the kids have had a bath, or your 8 pm show has a commercial break, turn over the laundry. In doing this you are avoid wasting a Saturday catching up on the laundry and it isn’t as overwhelming.

Subtle Scents

Natural scents that contradict the scent of the home is a great way to keep your home smelling great! Essential oils are all the rage but, reed diffusers , candles, flowers and plug in air fresheners can alter the scent of your home, leaving it smelling fresh even when it isn’t looking fresh.

Integrating these tasks into your everyday routine allow your home to maintain that fresh appeal in between your professional cleans. A clean home reduces day- to- day stress and allows you to feel at ease when walking though the door every night after a long day at work. Let us get your home into tip- top shape and then put these tasks into action. Call us today for a quote!

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