Post Renovation Cleaning Services in Oshawa & Toronto, ON

We leave no stone unturned when taking care of a remodeled project, house, condo, or commercial space.

There’s nothing like looking forward to the changes in a home when you’ve planned and overseen all the enhancements and design updates of a powerful renovation. When you’ve overhauled a property, the results can be gorgeous, but you wouldn’t know it from the dust or high-piled debris that comes as part of the process. In instances when you’ve taken out walls, sanded paint, or installed new cabinetry, those refurbished rooms are birthed from drywall and sawdust.

Let us step in and give you the intense deep-clean that needs to happen before you can show off these changes and additions. Our team knows how to make short work of any home construction mess — always with immaculate results.

If painting is the next step in your home improvement list, you’ll want to be sure those rooms are free of the dirt and dust that would interfere with a clean coat of color. We’ll step in to make sure this happens and help you hasten the process. Be assured that every inch of space will be scrubbed and treated for maximum cleanliness to deliver the vision you’ve been working toward in this space.

However minimal or extensive your work, we’ll provide the fresh environment to put it on display and welcome you to your “new” home.