We’ve all been there! Sharing a living space is not all it’s cracked up to be. Whether it’s siblings, friends, partners, or roommates, living in a shared space can get messy. But it doesn’t have to be!

Check out these quick and easy tips on maintaining your shared space.

FOYER- This is the entrance that everyone uses; the first look into your home. This area tends to become the main dumping ground for the days baggage. Get into the habit of hanging up your bags & jackets. Try using a foyer bench & coat rack for easy drop off & conceal your clutter.

BATHROOM- No one is ever a fan of tackling the dirt and grime buildup that is found in your bathroom. Let’s be counter courteous, be aware of personal items that take up too much of the shared space. Additional storage can be an effective solution for saving lots of space in the bathroom. When cleaning, pay special attention to the common touch surfaces such as light switches, sink knobs, door handles, mirrors, & toilet flusher to avoid the spread of germs. Indulge your shared space with an air freshener that will leave your bathroom smelling fresh.

LIVING ROOM- The living room is the entertainment hub of the household, where friends gather & feel at home. Keep your space welcoming by keeping your clutter to a minimum. It’s hard to relax with two weeks of built up dust, messy throw pillows, snack debris, and this morning’s coffee mug staring you in the face. A ten second tidy up at the end of the night will save you from requiring a deep clean.

KITCHEN- Three meals a day can cause built up dishes and left-over messes nobody wants to deal with. Cleaning as you go will help avoid the overall clean up at the end. Maintaining a clean kitchen is essential to keeping the overall sanitation standards of you house. Use a combination of weekly garbage pick up and grocery lists to rid your fridge and cupboards of any perished items.

Sharing a space is never easy but following a consistent cleaning schedule will keep your space looking & feeling fresh all while alleviating the frustration that comes with sharing a place with someone.

Don’t have the time? Look into hiring a local cleaning company to maintain your space.

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