It’s moving season! Time for you to make the decision to upgrade or downsize. The market is booming, and the temperature is rising! Here are a few tips to eliminate moving stress and have your move go off without a hitch!

Making a plan

Reduce moving anxiety by making a plan. While you are planning when your move will take place, take into account the busy times for moving and rent a van far in advance. The next step is to recruit some help. Reach out to family and friends and see who is available. Once the logistics of the move are taken care of, sit down and establish things that you will need to use up until moving day like your hygiene products and kitchen dishes. Anything that is left over is what you can start packing up. Start in one room and bring in some boxes. Place things that will stay together in the new house in the same box and continue this process until the boxes are full. Label the boxes and line them up along the wall. Repeat this process throughout the home and keep boxes that will end up in the same room, together. This saves time when moving because you have an idea of what’s in each box and where it needs to go, avoiding confusing during and after the move.

Closer to the date

A few days before the move invest in some paper plates and plastic cutlery and pack up your kitchen. Things get broken when you rush so get this out of the way early. The disposable dishes will come in handy at the new house as well so don’t worry about buying too much. This is the time that you confirm with the moving reservation and all of your help that things are on schedule. Once that is done it’s crunch time and everything that was left off the list needs to be packed up. Use luggage sets to pack these odds and ends. Chances are these are some of the first things you will need after the move like your toothbrush and some clean clothes it’s handy to have them accessible.

Save some time

Opt to move early in the morning and in the evening to avoid the peak hours of the sun. This will reduce the number of breaks that need to be taken by keeping everyone cooler. As soon as your new home is vacant, hire a cleaning company to provide you with a move in/out clean. Let them take care of any left-over mess. Inquire about having the same company clean your old home after the move to get rid of any mess that was left behind. On moving day, you can focus on getting things into your new home and can unpack and get settled in your new space without worrying about cleaning everything from top to bottom first.

Reduce your stockpile

When unpacking use three boxes; the box you want to unpack and two empty boxes. As you put things where you want them, decide whether you want to keep it, donate it or throw it away.  Without the time pressure of moving you have a moment to truly decide if the item has a home in your new space. Taking the time to go through everything allows you to make your new home yours instead of making your material items fit. Pick and choose what goes best for the aesthetic you are working to achieve. The impulse of feeling like you need to keep every little thing and make it work in the new space, takes the fun out of the move. It’s okay to let go of things or store them away!

The key to a smooth move is preparation and organization, using these tips will allow you to plan your move from start to finish! Happy Moving!

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