All four seasons introduce the potential for allergens to creep up on you and disrupt your everyday life. Most people have a targeted season for allergies, whether it be pollen, grass, leaves, or just dust in general. It’s time to fight back and nip these allergens in the bud! Explore these helpful hints to prevent your allergy symptoms this season.

If you don’t use it, lose it!

Clean out your stock of dormant items that collect dust by just sitting there, eliminating the dust build up that is waiting to happen. Any items that are porous need to go. These items include books, magazines, collectibles, children’s toys, and dog toys. Keep these items in a plastic bin. Avoid upholstered furniture, rugs, curtains, and blinds. They are major dust collectors. If you can’t live without them make sure that they are cleaned on a frequent basis to avoid dust built up.

A breath of fresh air

Mold is activated by moisture, and dust and pollen are revived in dry air. Ensure all of your windows are closed during pollen season and the air conditioning maintains a temperature between 20-22 C and keep relative humidity levels. Clean, small particle filters in the central heating and cooling systems. For subtle air purity, rely on houseplants with aquarium rocks on the soil to block mold particles from your air. Some plants that are known for clearing the air are Garden Mums, Spider plants, Snake plants, Dracaena, Ficus, Peace lily, Boston ferns, Bamboo palm and Aloe Vera plants.

Target areas

In order to prevent the occurrence of mold in your home ensure that moisture does not build up in common areas. Ensure that the faucets of sinks and drains are cleaned with bleach, refrigerators are wiped clean, wallpaper is replaced with mold and moisture resistant paint, and shower curtains are changed regularly and if any area rugs are used make sure they are washable!

A great way to keep your home clean and clear is to give your home a weekly scrub down to eliminate any build up of dust, mold, moisture, and pollen. Pay special attention to the ceiling corners, baseboards, door facings, and door frames. A damp cloth should be used in these areas as well as a thorough damp mop of the tile, linoleum and hardwood flooring after the home is cleaned top to bottom! Avoid the dust mask and potential symptom triggers by hiring a local cleaning company.  Opt into a more frequent clean during your target time and then space out your appointments on the off seasons. Maintenance is key! Keeping the allergens out of sight and out of mind this season gives you one less thing to worry about!

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