Having a few plants around the house is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in, purify the air and lower stress. It’s true! We love the benefits that come with bringing plants inside, and as a Durham Region house cleaning company, we are always quick to recommend anything that adds to cleanliness!

Here are some of our favourite plants to make your home look and feel lovely:

Bird of Paradise

These beautiful plants are dramatic and tropical and can easily be grown indoors with the correct conditions. Every so often it will even flower – but mainly when it is outdoors. They can grow to become quite large, so they are best for homes and large condos.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush

If you are an ambitious houseplant collection and are willing to put in the work, this plant is perfect. Both photogenic and popular, they are aesthetically appealing and great for improving air quality for providing high levels of oxygen and cleaning the air of allergens. They are a high maintenance plant though, so be sure to commit if you decide to purchase one.


One of the most popular tropical plants you’ll find in most homes. These plants are great for making you feel like you are living in your own tropical paradise! These babies even help clean the air!

Spider Plant

Popular and very commonly found indoors, these are simple to care for and act as a natural filter for absorbing harmful elements like mold and other allergens from the air (great bathroom plants!) 


Their beautiful leaves are popular among bloggers and trend-seekers alike. They make a bold statement in any interior, but also absorb high levels of Formaldehyde from the air! These plants are toxic, so keep them out of reach from pets and children.

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