Gone are the days of everything being in its place, do you ever look around your house and try to remember what it was like before kids?

Before all the toys, bottles, diapers & clothes taking over every inch of your house. Trying to maintain a clean and organized home is hard enough on its own- trying to do it after kids can seem almost impossible. The last thing you want to do on your “free” time (and by free we mean during nap & quite times) is clean.

Follow these easy tips and tricks to help keep things a little more organized and baby-friendly.

Pick up two: Anytime you pass by the play area pick up two toys or items and place them where they belong. Every time you do this, it will cut down on clean up time later, also less to trip on- and if you have ever stepped on a toy you know what I mean!!  Using a toy box, shelf or storage container to keep all the toys together will also reduce the look of clutter and save you lots of space.

Five-minute tidy up: Whenever you find yourself with an extra five minutes focus on one small area of the house and power clean! Put things in their place, dust, sweep/vacuum, wipe counters, straighten shelves, etc. Seeing an area of the house nice and tidy can be the motivation to get the other areas of the house to match! Quick cleanups can make a big difference & make it feel like less work!

Dish & Dash: Any empty sink is a clear mind! Make it a habit to take bottles and dishes to the sink immediately. Giving the dishes a quick rinse can make washing dishes so much easier later without the stress of stuck on food. Tidying up after meals and snack time is not only helpful to keep the kitchen/dining room tidy but will form a good habit for your little ones too!

Small steps will make big differences. Having kids can be a lot of work; but keeping your house clean doesn’t have to be, call us today for a quote! We will keep your house sparkling clean so you can focus your energy on your kids!

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